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 Jul 06, 2018           Num 25:10−30:1 פִּינְחָס Rabbi Strauss         Rabbi Greenstein
 Jul 13, 2018

          Num 30:2–36:13 מַטּוֹת
    Rabbi Strauss          Rabbi Bauman
 Jul 20 , 2018
         Deut 1:1−3:22

Rabbi Strauss         Rabbi Wohlner
 Jul  27, 2018
           Deut 3:23–7:11 וָאֶתְחַנַּן
Rabbi Strauss          Rabbi Greenstein

** Erev Shabbat Service (615PM CST) & torah study leaders subject to change without notice.  If erev shabbat leader is not specified, it may be Rabbi Greenstein, Rabbi Bauman  and/or Rabbi Wohlner.  If a leader is specified, he/she may be giving the dvar torah.  Others (not always specified) may also participate..
+ Click on torah portion name to view the parashah online in Hebrew and English.
++ The torah study leader may be either Rabbi Strauss, Rabbi Greenstein, Rabbi Bauman, or Dr Joe Levy.

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